Praise to Joy 1st International Photo Contest

Praise to Joy 1st International Photo Contest
Contest Name

Praise to Joy 1st International Photo Contest

Contest Statement

The fourth and final part of the 9th Symphoney, Beethoven’s last and most popular work, is taken from the famous German Poet Schiller’s poem ‘’Ode to Joy’’. (German: An Die Freude, English: Ode to Joy)… This part of the symphony has been used as the official anthem of the European Union since 1972. Joy is the mood that makes people feel the best and makes them strong. Where there is joy, there can be no sadness or sorrow. Joy triggers the enthusiasm in people and transforms them into positive by having a healing effect on all negative emotions. The path to be taken with the presence of cheerful and happy individuals will always be safer on the way to achieving universal peace. Let’s once again address the beauty of life through photography through the concept of joy. Let’s combine the fascinating power of photography, which is a document on one side and an art on the other, with the joy, joy and happiness of the Romans. Above all, let’s make the joy, which is an inseparable part of life, visible in our photos. Let us, as photographers, contribute to the creation of a livable and positive world. Now is the time to praise the joy with our cameras and make a visual contribution to Romani culture in the light of our age.

Contest Specifications

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  • Contest Start Date 01.01.2023 00:00
  • Deadline for Participation 20.04.2023 23:00
  • Board Meeting Date 03.05.2023 00:00
  • Announcement of Results 05.05.2023 00:00
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Roma Education And Research Foundation
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Alican ATAY
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[email protected]
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0 532 157 44 05
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