Guler Ertan International Photography Contest

Guler Ertan International Photography Contest
Contest Name

Guler Ertan International Photography Contest

Contest Statement

The main theme of the contest is "Migration", which defines the collective movement of human communities and/or animals from their living environment to another region/country for various natural reasons or necessities, sociological, economic, social and political reasons. There are 3 digital sections as described below. Prints will not be accepted: A- “OPEN” COLOR Digital - OC B- “OPEN” MONOCHROME Digital - OM C- “MIGRATION” COLOR or MONOCHROME Digital- DM For Black & White (Monochrome) submissions, entries must be in line with FIAP Black and White Photography (Monochrome) definition.

Contest Specifications

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  • Contest Start Date 01.03.2023 00:00
  • Deadline for Participation 09.06.2023 23:00
  • Board Meeting Date 24.06.2023 00:00
  • Announcement of Results 30.06.2023 00:00
Institutional Information
Issuing Authority
Büyükçekmece Municipality
Secretariat Officer
Secretariat E-Mail Address
[email protected]
Secretariat Telephone
TFSF Representative and Approval Information
Representative Name Surname
Duygu Nazire KAŞIKCI
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